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Thanks to Joe, the Houserockers, and Jeffrey Gaines for a great night of music at the Lamp Theater.
Sun November 05th, 2017 06:48 AM Greensburg heading back to Southern Maryland
Headed to the Irwin show this evening! Like seeing Lennon in Liverpool, Elvis in Memphis, Keith in Dartford & Donnie in Elwood City!! Don't miss the magic in the inspirational atmosphere of Grusheckyville!!! Also, contributed to pledge drive for new music - an honor to support our very own local legend. Support the greatest American bar band in the land!

Can't wait to hear "East Carson Street" - the song that kept my beloved hometown close to my heart while absent for over three decades! Special request (dedicated to my lovely lady of 36 yrs) - reworked version of "Oh Kathleen" as performed so beautifully on last album.

Turn it up baby!!!

Peace, love, rock n' soul!
The Incredible Mulk
Sat November 04th, 2017 12:48 PM Back in da Burgh!!!
Joe G
Beautiful Night ( the creative process pt.2)

After recording the demo of “One Beautiful Night” with just my guitar and vocal, the next step in the creative process is the questioning that follows. Is it a good song? Is it something that fits in with what I am writing about at this particular time? What can we do to make the arrangement better? Does the song evoke a time or place that we want to take the listener to? Do we feel it in our heart and soul?

So after carefully listening for a week or so, we decide that it’s something we feel the need to continue working on.
The next step is to re-record the song. We work the guitar parts so that they mesh together, sound good, and enhance the emotion of the lyrics. I sing a better vocal, not a keeper mind you, but something that we feel is closer to a finished recording.

Here is the spare intimate acoustic version with two guitars and a rough vocal take. This is the way I originally envisioned the song to be, until we completely changed our minds about the approach that we should take. Stay tuned for “One Beautiful Night “ pt. 3 for a complete change of direction
Thu November 02nd, 2017 16:23 PM Somewhere East Of Eden
Hi to Joe and everyone in between. Thank you sir for making time to shake my hand and stop for a picture at Max Weinberg's Jukebox set on October 7th! My question, maybe is a commonly resent ask, for this I apologize. Is there a strong chance rereleasing the 2015 Wonder Bar date withBruce sitting in?
Wed November 01st, 2017 16:51 PM Clarion, PA
Joe G
Marty Thanks for your kind words. For my money, Ohio by CSNY was the best protest song ever. It was released soon after Kent State and struck a chord within me that resonates to this day. It was on my mind when I wrote "That's What Makes Us Great."
Curious Art has not fully recovered from his accident and is on the Injured Reserve list. Joe P has not been with us going on 2 years.
Sat October 21st, 2017 09:36 AM Somewhere East Of Eden
Joe G
One Beautiful Night"

I thought that as part of our pledge campaign, you might enjoy a peek through the window at our creative process. I am going to discuss how one of our songs evolved from a scribble in a notebook to a finished work.

I try to make my records like I am writing a novel. I need to have a beginning, middle and end with a common thread running through it that makes sense sometimes only to me. When we near the end of a project, I take a step back, listen to what we’ve done, and decide if vision is complete. I want my records to be real. I want them to be like the lives we all lead full of good times and bad with all the ups and downs that we have all experienced.

Ever since I began playing guitar, I have kept notebooks full of song ideas, fragments of lyrics song titles, and chord progressions. In this particular frame of mind, I scanned through my notes and one title jumped out at me. I began to feel we needed a song about enjoying the simple pleasures of life with the one you love.

Head over to to hear the first incarnation of “One Beautiful Night” with just me and a guitar. Stay tuned to the campaign as we follow the song to its completion.

Thank you for your support!

Peace, Love, Soul, Rock & Roll - Joe G
Sat October 21st, 2017 09:29 AM Somewhere East Of Eden
So is Art and Joe P still in the band? I notice the bios are not listed, nor are they in pictures.
Fri October 20th, 2017 20:27 PM
Dear Joe,
"That's What Makes Us Great" is the greatest rock song of the current millennium (so far).
In addition to its humanitarian message and its musical excellence, its timeliness, coming in early 2017 during the vomitrocious MAGA era, is spot-on.
There have been some unforgettable topical songs, like "Ohio" by Neil Young after the Kent State massacre, and "In A World Gone Mad" by Beastie Boys, but "That's What Makes Us Great" is the finest exemplar of this sub-genre that this listener has ever heard.
Thu October 19th, 2017 12:43 PM Baileys Crossroads (Falls Church), Virginia, U.S.A. Bay-Bee
Joe G
Hello Everyone! We, Joe Grushecky & The Houserockers, are nearing the completion of our brand new album More Yesterdays Than Tomorrows. We have been hard at work for the past year and a half writing and recording this record. For this project, we settled on 11 new songs and a cover of the old gospel tune, Aint No Grave. The record represents all the music weve listened to and loved over the years. It is also the first studio Houserocker record since 2009 and the band is sounding better than ever
We are asking for your support to bring this album home and get the attention that we think it deserves. Please check out our Pledge store and lend a helping hand. By pre-ordering now, youll be able to receive exclusive updates from us throughout this campaign via the AccessPass that comes with every purchase. In addition to the new album, in our pledge store you can purchase live performances, items from our personal collection, and other exclusive merchandise.
Thanks to all our fans who have continued to support us for the last 40 years and many more to come!
Peace, Love, Soul, Rock and Roll
Joe Grushecky & The Houserockers

Wed October 11th, 2017 15:11 PM Somewhere East Of Eden
Joe G
Hey NJ !!! Join us in Asbury Park at McCloone's Super Club on Sat Oct 28 for a Houserockin' HipShakin" Hallofrickinween Bash
Get Your Tix NOW!!!
Mon October 09th, 2017 16:51 PM Somewhere East Of Eden

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